new purple orchid New Year, New Blooms

Happy New (Orchid) Year

Posted on Dec 31, 2017

Another year has passed and I’m still in limbo to some extent but I can always count on my faithful orchids to come through. This little fellow bloomed recently for the first time just to brighten up the holidays. Bit of a grab bag colour-wise since it was from the lot of pots I literally rescued from the local mega-mart dumpster as the clerk was about to toss them. Revived nicely as you can see with a few years in the proper corner.

Otherwise I’m on holiday autopilot as usual (I’m even writing this ahead of time so I don’t forget) but have about as much interest in drunken New Year’s Eve festivities as watching politicians playing football on a mobile phone. Those that know me will get the joke and even those that don’t can guess how low it sits on my spectrum of entertainment.

Where ever and whoever you are, I hope you have a New Year’s celebration to fit your own tastes. For me, it’ll all be about black-eyed peas and cornbread for luck. Happy New Year, internet.