Journals & Books

  • Journal
    Random Thoughts

    Blogs are great for other people but here at the farm, 'journals' are the prefered medium. What's the difference you ask? Journals are a lot more messy, inconsistent, and ramble all over the place compared to the slick e-bloggers of today. Written like it's 1943. Most likely in pencil. On real paper. Perhaps even crayon drawings in the margins if a fancy mood strikes. With recipes and photos strewn about at the worst possible moments. Enter the journal if you dare.

  • Fiction
    New Fiction

    I'm also genre hopping a bit just to see if anyone is mental enough to listen to my stories. What I've got on the screen in front of me at the moment is four hundred pages of a funny time-folding trek with lots of broken technology and a few historical tidbits twisted around a very questionable plot. That's all I'll say for now but if you're good, you might see some sample chapters on the book shop soon.

  • PayPal
    Support the Farm?

    This is a PayPal process page where, if you need or graciously choose, it's possible to send along a few bucks to a starving author become farmer become bee herder in the wilds of Canada. It will be integrated into the shopping carts eventually if I can wrap my head about all that secret web code. I wish I could barter for milk and eggs on the net. Hey, there's an idea...

  • Non-fiction
    More Books

    My other non-fiction books on food topics (usually) help pay for rent and bee suits. While I greatly enjoy the relationships with my publishers of old, I'm going to try something new by selling directly to my long-suffering readers. All my old titles will soon be listed here so stay tuned to this space for details. And of course you'll get a taste of those same topics within the journal above while you wait patiently for me to sort it all out.