Support the Farm

Sending A Few Coins is Easy

If you want to send money to us for any reason, here's the place to do it. And boy do we appreciate it. This will be integrated into a shopping cart on the site (coming soon!) but hey, until then we take tips gladly. Paypal accepts all major credit cards and in most any global currency you call your own (PayPal exchange rates apply). You can even send money from your own paypal account.

Your Data is Safe

Because we use PayPal, all your credit card data is safely stored on their servers. We never even see it. The terms of use for PayPal apply. Charges will appear on your statement as "C. Baystall".

When you click 'pay now', you'll be taken to the PayPal payment screen where you'll set the amount of your choice. PayPal charges a minimum of just under fifty cents per transaction so please no amounts under a dollar, unless you really just like supporting PayPal expense accounts that much.